Taking a Real Good Look at Beauty During This Time


First and foremost #blacklivesmatter. If me stating that makes you uncomfortable, click here or exit my page.

The pandemic and the unjustified murders of Black people all over being publicized have caused most things to come to a halt. Good. things have not been sunshine and rainbows for all Black people and I’m glad it’s all being brought to the surface. As a result I’ve had a lot of time to process my feelings, although I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to capture them all.

The past few months have been a crazy, unprecedented time for all of us and it’s made me take a deeper look at everything in my life but for the purpose of this blog I’ll keep it to beauty. What I purchase, the frequency, and brands I support have all been on the forefront of my mind and I want to take this time now to get my thoughts out. Note that while I’m referring to beauty it is NOT only limited to this industry.

I started this blog because I saw there were only a few to up-to-date sites dedicated to swatches of makeup for deep and dark skinned people. Other than Cocoa Swatches, I didn’t find many websites that gave us realistic swatches. Many of us probably visit Temptalia to get shade recommendations for dupes, then go searching for deep skinned people to see what it looks like on our own skintone before purchasing the product. I value what Temptalia brings to to beauty space, but there should be more sites like hers.

Seeing all the brand stats on the Pullupforchange Instagram page are not surprising to anyone that falls in the Deep and Dark categories. We’re used to not being able to purchase our shade in stores or having to make products “work” by mixing different shades. Those stats only reaffirm what we’ve been saying all along: there aren’t enough Black people making decisions behind the scenes.

Sure you can have Black people working at your brand but are you putting them in roles that can make a difference or are you just hiring them to look EEO compliant? Are you actually listening when they tell you a certain marketing campaign isn’t a good idea or your shade range is abismal? Are you even giving them chance to voice their concerns and then taking action on it or does your “open door policies” only apply to those that support your ideas?

Most of the beauty brands (and in other industries) need to do better. You’ve put up your money and pledged your support now it’s time to show and prove. Look at your hiring practices and fix the issues. Hire more Black consultants, Send PR to more Black people with deeper complexions.

To the Black beauty bloggers, vloggers, and influencers who have thought about quitting because of being overlooked, keep going.

As tired as I am I’m going to keep going because of my reason to start this blog. It would be unfair to myself if I didn’t see this through. It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to even get the blog where it is now and I still have a lot of work to do.

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