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Sydney Grace Enduring Love Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches & Comparisons

Sydney Grace Enduring Love

Sydney Grace’s eyeshadows are some of my favorite shadows in my entire collection and the cool-toned color story in Enduring Love is unlike anything I already own.  Naturally, I was intrigued when I saw they were coming out with a new palette. I’ve said it many times before but I don’t like owning duplicate products and I’m glad I don’t have any colors like the ones in this palette. Keep reading to see my thoughts and comparison swatches.

Price: $52 USD
Number of shades: 15 shades
Mirror included: yes
Finishes in palette: matte, metallic, duochrome, and shimmer
Can shades be popped out: yes,
Brush included: no
Where to buy: SydneyGraceco.com

It’s important to note that they offer 2 versions of this palette, Light and Deep, where the matte shades in the Deep palette are more suitable for those of us with deeper complexions. I have to admit, I love the idea of it and wish that more brands offered different versions of their palettes. Everything isn’t meant for everybody but I’m getting a little tired of being excluded. A lot of us have neutral shades ten times over but it feels good when a brand actually takes time to make a product with shades for deeper complexions in mind. Other brands not already doing this need to take note.

Here are swatches of the shades along with descriptions gathered from the brand’s IG page:

Top row (L-R in pan):

  • Romeo: peachy pink satin
  • Juliet: soft pink matte
  • Devotion: nude metallic with a pink undertone
  • Darcy: medium mauve matte
  • Elizabeth: dark pink satin with a purple undertone
Enduring Love top row
without flash
Enduring Love top row with flash
with flash













Middle row (L-R in pan):

  • Albert: metallic silver with a brown undertone
  • Victoria: cool medium brown matte
  • Passion: medium gray matte
  • Boaz: dark black-brown matte
  • Ruth: deep teal shimmer
Enduring Love middle row
without flash
Enduring Love middle row with flash
with flash













Bottom row (L-R in pan):

  • John: gold-silver metallic
  • Abigail: deep purple satin with a red undertone
  • Cherish: neutral light-medium tan matte
  • Robert: cool medium brown matte
  • Deanna: brown shimmer with a green undertone
Enduring Love bottom row
without flash
Enduring Love bottom row with flash
with flash


Here are comparisons within my collection for the shimmers and metallics. I didn’t include any of the mattes since they were mostly neutral. If you want to see comparisons of any of the mattes, let me know.

Purples (from top to bottom):

Abigail, Elizabeth, Sweetheart (Sydney Grace single), Blue Blood (Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy: Subversive), Passion (Natasha Denona Love)purple swatches

Blues (from top to bottom):

Ruth, Deep Water (Sydney Grace single), 14 (ColourPop Perception), Lapis Luxury (Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy: Subversive)blue swatches


Golds (from top to bottom):

Gold Getter (Milani Bold Obsessions), Devotion, Lifetime (Natasha Denona Love)Gold swatches


Greens (from top to bottom):

Deanna, I.E. (ColourPop Perception)
green swatches


Wrap Up

I’m in the process of testing out the shades even though I already know and love Sydney Grace’s formula. I’m excited to try the metallics and I have to say that I’ve never known any metallics in my collection to swatch like the ones in this palette. The swatches were a bit foil-y but man did my fingers look awesome after I swatched!

As usual let me know what you think of the Sydney Grace Enduring Love eyeshadow palette. Also let me know if you plan on picking it up or not, and if this post helped you make a decision either way.

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