Self-care: 38 simple and easy (and mostly free) things I do


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A few months ago I celebrated my 38th birthday. I didn’t have a party or make a big deal out of it, but I make it a point to do what I wanted to do. I had lunch with some friends, visited my godmother, had a few drinks, and ate birthday cake with my family. It was simple and I enjoyed every minute. 

Being in moment felt good and it got me to thinking about the many ways we all practice self-care. Some ways can be extravagant and some can be simple. The point is to do things that make you feel special or just doing more of the things you enjoy. Here are a few things that I do.

    1. doing my skincare routine every morning and night.
    2. applying my makeup before heading to work. 
    3. getting my clothes together the night before.
    4. wearing/buying clothes that I actually like and will wear.
    5. wearing/buying clothes that flatter my body.
    6. eating healthy foods that taste good and make me feel good
    7. eating non-healthy foods in moderation.
    8. lighting a candle with a light, relaxing scent (my fave at the moment).
    9. resting when I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed/stressed.
    10. making sure my hair is healthy and groomed.
    11. cleaning up after myself.
    12. keeping my workstation neat.
    13. organizing my emails and deleting anything that I don’t want to see.
    14. unsubscribing from emails that are no longer relevant.
    15. reading books that I can learn from (my faves list).
    16. reading books that are entertaining.
    17. listening to music that fits my mood.
    18. staying within my budget when buying non-essential items.
    19. leaving the conversation/situation/relationship when it becomes negative/draining.
    20. sleeping in when my body is really tired.
    21. waking up early when my body calls for it.
    22. walking/jogging in the park when it’s beautiful outside.
    23. spending time with people I enjoy.
    24. laughing when something is really funny.
    25. crying when I’m sad instead of pretending that I’m not.
    26. writing my feelings out instead of holding them in.
    27. getting my car fixed when something is wrong with it.
    28. keeping my regular doctor/dentist appointments.
    29. learning something new everyday and applying it, even if it’s small.
    30. being patient with myself.
    31. listening to podcasts while sitting in traffic.
    32. deleting unwanted/unused apps from my phone and tablet.
    33. unfollowing negative people on social media.
    34. spending time with my pets.
    35. consciously selecting which tv shows/movies I want to watch.
    36. shredding junk mail.
    37. changing my hairstyle when I’m no longer satisfied with the one I have.
    38. knowing when to stay in pajamas all day.

Remember, self-care is about YOU. Do you have a routine? What are some things you can add to this list? What are some things you will incorporate in your own life?  


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  1. DIonne Heron says:

    Love it.

    1. Starr says:

      I need all 38 of these in my life, self care is so important

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