New Product Releases: Tips to be Less Tempted

new release tips

Most people can relate to wanting to try the new makeup as it comes out. There are a few things that can help to avoid FOMO and prevent you from going broke trying to buy every new product release. This post is not meant to tell you how to spend your money and you are more than welcome to spend how you please. If you want to buy an entire collection of lipsticks, have at it. I’m going to share some tips that may help those of you out there that feel like you’re struggling to keep up with all the new releases.

Unfollow beauty brands/influencers on social media and unsubscribe from their emails

You might watch a lot of beauty related content on Youtube/IG/Facebook that are always talking about the new releases. Or you may have signed up to receive emails from brands so you can get a discount on your first purchase. Whatever category you fall into, change it today. Unsubscribe from all those emails and unfollow those accounts. Your wallet will thank you later.

Set a limit for the number of products you will own in each category

Unless you are getting paid to promote or review products or working as a professional makeup artist, it often times doesn’t make sense  to have 10 foundations in your rotation. If you just purchased a concealer that you love, then do you really need the new one that just came out? It may sound like torture but it helps in the long run. There’s only so many nude lipsticks one can use at one time so it helps to set a number that you will stop at. Try only buying something new when you need replace it and see how that works.

Take inventory of what you already own

Listen, I know you love eyeshadow as much as the next person and have probably amassed a collection to rival beauty gurus. But do you know what you actually have? Have you gone through your collection recently to see what color stories you have? Do you know what’s expired already? Keeping track of your stash so that you only buy products that you absolutely love and know you will get use out of helps with this. Doing this also alleviates buying duplicates and wasting time with formulas/colors you know you don’t like. Once you have your list, the next step is to…

Keep track of how often you’re using what you have

Keep a makeup journal with the looks you’ve done that includes the eyeshadow and the coordinating lipstick/lip gloss. Doing this on a regular basis will show you what colors you tend to focus on/use the most. For example if you notice that you use bright colors on the eyes, you may find that you’re more likely to use neutral lipstick colors (and vise versa). New blue lipstick being released next week? If you have a makeup journal to reference you’ll see that you don’t wear that color often enough to warrant jumping on it. Writing down what color combinations you’ve done also keeps you from repeating any looks you’ve done previously or remembering which looks you loved.

Buy minis

They’re not just for traveling! I recently purchased a mini new Milk Makeup Hydrogrip primer and it lasted 2 months, which was enough time to see how it played with my foundations. Being able to buy a smaller size is a great option when you’re not sure if your skin is going to react. If you don’t have your impulses under control, it can help to curb that initial FOMO feeling without investing a lot of money. As long as you don’t go too crazy and get 20 minis at one time and for everything that comes out, I feel it’s worth it.

Do your research/know what you like

Read the claims of the product before purchasing, paying special attention to whether it fits your skin type. This helps to ignore any new base product release (foundation, concealer, setting powder, etc) that’s not what you’re looking for no matter how much hype it’s getting. In the winter most people stay away from overly mattifying products. So if you’re in the market for a new foundation that time of year and the new releases are all matte, don’t even consider them. You can, however, make a note to check them out in the summer when you may get more oily.

Buy only when you need to replace

If you already know how long it takes for you to use up a particular product, you’re halfway there. (If not, check out my post here for a guideline and adjust for your own preferences.) With that information you can create a running wishlist in your phone/on your tablet. When it’s time to buy a replacement you can go to your list first instead of jumping on the new release. By doing this you’ll realize that sometimes you think you want something right away and by the time you need it, you’ve probably changed your mind on it. On the flip side it may get awesome reviews and with the way these stores are going, you might be able to catch it on sale in a few months.

Eyeshadow singles

A few years ago these were all the rage until palettes became a big thing. Now it seems like the trend is going back to that. How many times have you purchased a palette with 10+ shadows only to use the same 3 or 4? I know I’ve done it more than I would like to admit. To remedy this I started buying some quality shades in colors I know I’ll use for a fraction of the price of a high-end palette. Sydney Grace and Colourpop have shadows that are pigmented and easy to blend, and they cost less than $6 each. And you’re more likely to get more use out it making it worth the amount you spent on it.

Keep a list of items you want and wait a month. New product tips

Okay hear me out first. Have you ever seen a new palette or lipstick or whatever and all the promo videos look so awesome and make the product look flawless? Then you buy it and once you’re home it looks like shit? That’s marketing at work and it’s frustrating when you feel like you wasted your money. Try making a list of items you want, adding to it as you see fit, and give it month. If you still have the same burning desire to buy the product then go swatch it in store or get a sample if you can. Look at reviews from people who purchased the product with their own money and see how it wears throughout the day. If you still are wanting it after seeing desired results, go get it.


I’m sure I can think of a few more but these tips have helped to curb my spending impulses. What tips can you add to this list? Are you on a low- or no-buy? What has helped you to not purchase every new release? Let’s chat about it below.

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