MUFE Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correcting Palette Review

MUFE color correcting palette

Make Up For Ever has been one of those brands that’s been slept on. Or maybe I just got into makeup late in the game. Either way, I like the products I’ve tried from them. They mostly market to professional makeup artists and don’t seem to follow every trend, which I admire in a brand.

Recently I went searching online for a color corrector because the one I’d been using wasn’t giving me my desired effect. There is some discoloration under my nose and putting on layers of color corrector, foundation, plus concealer wasn’t working for me. It didn’t look cakey but I felt like I was doing way too much to be unsatisfied with the result. I came across the MUFE Underpainting Palette on Sephora’s app and after watching a few reviews, I decided to purchase.

What it does

According to MUFE’s website, the Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correcting Palette retails for $42 and comes in 6 creamy shades ranging from very light to deep. Each palette contains 2 color correcting shades and 2 concealer shades that you can mix and match to fit your correcting needs. I ordered the palette in 50-Dark because it included the shade Y505 as a color corrector shade, which is my exact shade match for this brand.

MUFE underpainting_2

MUFE underpainting
From left to right: CC50 Brick, CC50 Caramel, Y505 Cognac, Y535 Chestnut

The palette also includes a reddish shade (Brick) to conceal gray undertones. The shade Caramel neutralizes dark spots, and there’s a second complexion corrector shade (Y535). Since there’s only one palette per shade group (Fair, Tan, Deep, etc), the complexion shades can be mixed with together to get a more perfect match to your skin tone.

MUFE underpainting swatches

How I use it

Before color correcting

This is my face after applying primer. I have discoloration in small areas around my face and each one needs a different corrector.

CC50 – Brick

I take a flat concealer brush like this to dip into Brick (1st shade) and apply a thin layer around my mouth and over my widow’s peak. Those are the areas where my discoloration requires more coverage than foundation and concealer usually provides.


CC50 – Caramel

Next, I use the other side of the same brush to dip into Caramel (2nd shade). I apply a thin layer over the remaining dark spots around my face. Notice how my tone looks more even now that the dark spots on my cheeks are covered.


Now I go in with foundation. Because I’ve already concealed what I needed to, I can get by with 1-1.5 pumps for the rest of my face and be fine. The foundation I used here is the Cover FX Power Play in N90.


Final thoughts

This palette is good for those who are wanting to color correct without having to add 50-11 layers. Even though I added foundation over the correctors, my face didn’t look or feel cakey because I didn’t have to add as much. It’s super useful for those who struggle with finding the perfect traditional color corrector (red, green, purple, etc).

For those of you who only have a few spots and want to go for a more natural makeup look, this would be a good thing to have in your stash. If I’m not wearing foundation that day I’ll lightly go in with ONLY Y505 Chestnut (3rd shade) over any areas I want concealed.

As far as wear time, I wore this palette by itself as well as under foundation. As long as I set it, it lasted the whole day. My dark spots usually start showing through around the 6 hour mark with other products, and this palette did very well.

Will you be picking this up? What color correctors do you use? Let me know your thoughts.



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