Review: Milani Gilded Shadow Sticks

Milani’s Gilded Shadow Sticks popped up on my radar recently. As more people are getting into effortless looks, this product seems to fit right into that category. From the brand’s website “intense cream shimmer eyeshadow sticks inspired by the beautiful nature found in our national parks. These effortless, multi-tasking, on-the-go sticks glide on smoothly and can be used as an all-over shadow, a liner or as a pop of color on the inner eye corners.” Keep reading to see which shades I picked up and my thoughts on them.

milani gilded shadow stick, cream eyeshadow, shimmer, copper, dark brown
Image source: milanicosmetics.com

Price: $6.99

4 shades available: Like a Moss (mossy green), Golden Hour (copper), Summit (rosy pink), Smoldering (dark brown)

Finish: Shimmer

Total net weight: unknown

Where to buy: Milani, Ulta

Additional info: Contains mica. Made in Germany. Cruelty free. 24 months shelf life.

milani gilded shadow stick, cream eyeshadow, shimmer, copper, dark brown
Shades: Golden Hour, Smoldering

gilded shadow stick, swatches, deep skin, dark skin, copper, dark brown, cream eyeshadow


milani gilded shadow stick, cream eyeshadow, shimmer, copper, dark brown
Milani Gilded Shadow Stick in Dark Brown next to MAC lipstick for size reference

How I used the product

Over the past month my makeup application/usage has gone down dramatically. On the days that I felt like putting makeup on, I only reached for items to make the process go quickly. I would light face makeup and throw some bronzer in the crease. In the photo below I added the shade Smoldering to my lid and Golden Hour to my inner corner.

swatches, deep skin, dark skin, copper, dark brown, cream eyeshadow, eye look

I’ve tried the Gilded Shadow Sticks with a few different bases: Milani’s eyeshadow primer, Makeup by Mario’s Eye Primer Kit, concealer set with setting powder. Each time produced the result seen above and lasted 10+ hours on me. Not bad at all.

Overall thoughts on the Milani Gilded Shadow Sticks

One complain that I have is regarding the shades. Golden Hour fits the description as it is a true copper shade. Smoldering, on the other hand, described as a dark brown is not an accurate shade description. I find it to be more of a medium-dark taupe. Anyone who is deeper than me looking for a skin tone-matching shade will be disappointed to find that it’s not as dark as they think.

Another issue is that the packaging doesn’t list how much product you’re getting, the shade name, nor the estimated shelf life. It seems to be pretty standard info found on stick products and I found it a little odd to not be included.

In conclusion I think these are a great buy for anyone looking to simplify their makeup routine. Also I think it’s kind of the perfect product for those that don’t wear makeup often and want to do a little something extra occasionally. Just apply it to the lid and you’re done. No need to buy a brush or learn how to blend if you’re only going to wear makeup once a year.

So those are my thoughts. If you’ve already picked any of these up or plan on doing so, let me know what you think. Leave a comment below. Check out my previous eyeshadow review here.

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