Makeup 101: Order of Application

makeup order

This is the start of a series where I teach you about the basics of applying makeup. I’m not a professional by any means but I remember when I first got started how confused and overwhelmed I was with all the information and products out there. I didn’t have the luxury of having friends and family members showing me what to do besides applying mascara and lip gloss, and hell even then it was more like “here get this one” without any thought put into it. If this sounds similar to what you’re experiencing then you’re gonna love this series. Let’s start with the order of application.

Of course before we begin you need to know these things about yourself:

  • Skin type – normal, dry, oily, combination (click here for help)
  • Skin tone – fair, light, tan, medium, deep, dark (click here for help)
  • Undertone – pink, yellow, neutral, olive (you can click on the link for help with skin tone or click here for help)

It’s important to state that you don’t have to use all of these products. Studying your face shape may help you to learn what is and isn’t flattering on you. Also keep in mind that just because the products are listed in a particular order below doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to do it. As you get more comfortable applying products, you’ll figure out what order works best for you. Now that that’s out the way, let’s get into the order.

Order of application

  1. Eyebrow pencil 
  2. Brow gel 
  3. Primer 
  4. Foundation 
  5. Concealer
  6. Setting Powder
  7. Contour
  8. Bronzer
  9. Blush 
  10. Highlighter 
  11. Eyeshadow primer
  12. Eyeshadow 
  13. Eyeliner 
  14. Setting spray 
  15. Mascara 
  16. Lipliner 
  17. Lipstick 
  18. Gloss 

So that’s my preferred order of application. I don’t perform all of these steps but decided to list them anyway just in case you’re interested. Another thing, I don’t wear false lashes because the last time I tried they somehow ended up halfway on my eyelid. For minimal makeup days I’ll only spot conceal, apply a little bronzer to my crease and cheeks, do my eyebrows, and apply a gloss. 

Do you/will you do your eyes before or after foundation? Is this similar to what you currently do or will do? If you want me to continue this series, let me know below. Share down below if you already apply makeup and in what order.

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