In My Stash: ColourPop Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Palette


Colourpop’s Brown Sugar palette is one of the first neutral palettes I ever purchased from the brand. It was Karreuche’s 2nd time collaborating with the brand, creating a not-so-basic neutral color scheme that can work for multiple skin tones. The collection included 3 glosses, 4 lipsticks, 2 gel liners, and 1 eyeshadow palette. It was also the only time I purchased the entire collection from any brand. I loved most of the products in the collection and used them until either the product expired (lipsticks/gel liners) or I used it up (glosses).

Price: $12 (now discontinued; alternates here and here)

Mirror included: yes

Number of shades: 9 (6 mattes, 2 metallics, 1 duochrome)

Tone: Warm & Cool

Additional info: The mattes are best applied with a fluffy blending brush. The metallics & duochromes apply well with a flat packing brush or your finger.

colourpop, brown sugar

colourpop, brown sugar

colourpop, brown sugar

Shade names and description

Chai: soft yellow beige (matte)

Jamocha: mid-tone yellow brown (matte)

Amber: muted rust orange (matte)

Ginger: golden peach (metallic)

Auburn: warm bronze (metallic)

Sauté: icy brown with a green and gold duochrome sheen (metallic)

Sorrel: deep cool brown (matte)

Henna: charcoal brown (matte)

Choc: reddish brown (matte)


Look #1

CP Brown Sugar

jamocha TR
amber TR/CR
sorrel CR/LL
choc OV
ginger IC/IL
auburn ML/OL

Look #2

CP Brown sugar look 2

jamocha TR
henna OV/CR/LL
choc OV
saute IL/ML
ginger IC


Eyeshadow beginners will enjoy ColourPop’s eyeshadow formula because it has just the right amount of pigmentation, which is great if you’re still learning how to blend. Brown Sugar is one of my favorite neutral palettes and I find myself still reaching for it, mainly for the metallics (mattes are becoming patchy because of how old it is). Overall I think CP offers a lot of great products at affordable prices and is a good brand to start with in your makeup journey.

Share below if you have this palette and if you still use it. If not, what have you replaced it with? You can view my other In My Stash posts here and here.

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