February: How I Spent My Beauty Budget


Every month I give myself a set amount to spend on beauty purchases. This includes new makeup, skincare, and body care products as well as any replacements I need to get. Keeping track of my purchases helps me to see where my disposable income is going and if I can cut back on certain areas. Plus it’s a good way to keep track of when I purchase things so I can know when they’re about to expire. I went a little crazy in January but tightened up the in February as shown below.

I want to share each item that I purchased last month as well as talk about anything that I’m decluttering.  Let’s go! 

Natasha Denona Love eyeshadow palette

I won’t repeat myself with this one but I loved using this palette. If you missed my post with the looks I created with it, go here to check it out. After seeing a lot of people talk about experiencing patchiness. I feel lucky to have gotten one with no issues.

Lip glosses

One of my favorite YouTubers, Andrea Renee, raves about these glosses so I decided to pick them up from Target. Not sure what I was expecting but I was surprised at how good they felt on the lips. I picked up 2 colors, Sparkling Rose and Champagne Glam, and have not taken them out of my makeup bag since getting them. I personally prefer thicker glosses that aren’t overly sticky and these glosses fit the bill. They aren’t the shiniest glosses that I own but I like how they apply and look.

Revlon’s clear gloss is cute and looks so good over anything I put it over. I keep this one in my purse to use when I want to add a lot of shine without changing the color of the lipstick I’m wearing. Learn from my mistake and don’t apply it directly to your lips when wearing lipstick. Doing so will change the color of your applicator, as you can see in the pic above. Instead apply it to the back of your hand and then use your finger to put it on your lips.

Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner rose water toner

Y’all, I bought this on a whim and I’m not even regretting it. It cost $4 at Trader Joe’s and doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary ingredients. If you don’t like the smell of flowers, this one isn’t for you. This toner has done a great job at keeping my skin hydrated and so far I haven’t had a bad reaction. It might be a keeper.

Juno & Co Sponges juno n co blue sponge juno co mini sponge

I purchased the blue microfiber sponge and a twin-pack of the minis. The minis are soft and do a really good job of blending in my color corrector. Would love to try the pink one in the larger size.

That blue one though…. It’s a little too stiff for my liking and I feel like it dries too fast. In the mornings I would wash the blue one and sit it on my cart until I was ready to use it. After doing my eyes I would go right into foundation then concealer, and by the time I was done the sponge would be damn near dry. I tried spraying it with primer water but it seemed to not absorb and in turn not blend my concealer right. My regular sponges are softer and stay dampened longer, which I prefer. Needless to say, I won’t be using the blue one anymore.

NARS Skin Deep eyeshadow palette nars skin deep

Let me tell y’all how I had been coveting this palette since it came out last year. Every time I would see it in Ulta I would swatch it but hesitated to pull the trigger because I already had a neutral palette at home that I loved. One night I couldn’t sleep and decided to search for it again. I lucked up on a Mercari posting from someone who never used or swatched it, so at that point I figured it was meant for me. I don’t know why I was so drawn to it but it’s mine and I am very happy with my purchase. 

Reusable cotton pads

In an effort to minimize my personal amount of waste by purchasing facial cotton pads every month, I decided to give the reusable ones a try. Got a 12-pack from Amazon that comes with a bag to put the pads in when it’s time to wash them. They have the same texture as baby washcloths and don’t soak up too much product. I’ll oil cleanse, wash, then go in with micellar water on a cotton pad to make sure my face is makeup free. After doing that I place them in the bag until I’ve gone through them all.

When it was time to wash them I just zipped the bag up and threw it in with my light clothes. They took a bit longer to dry than I expected but when they finally did I found that they held their shape. I’ll probably order another set this weekend because I ran out before it was time to do laundry. All in all there are no complaints from me and I wish I would’ve bought these sooner.

Items I’m decluttering

Peach & Lily Glass Skin serum and The Ordinary The Buffet

My skin does not like these products. They’re formulated beautifully as far as not being sticky and absorbing quickly, but used at separate times and together they broke me out. Recently I tried to give the P&L serum another try and woke up to 4 small whiteheads in places I never experience breakouts. Will be gifted to my sister or mom.

Coloured Raine smoke show

Got this one last summer and I’m not in love with it. The shadows are pigmented, blend out with such ease, and the color scheme is cute, but I haven’t found myself reaching for it at all. It’s going to a friend that is in cosmetology school.


I didn’t go crazy last month and stayed within my budget probably because I didn’t have to replace anything. I’d like to hear from you guys on whether you have a beauty budget and what you bought last month.

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