Eyeshadow Palette Tag – Favorite, Oldest, Smallest, and More!

Eyeshadow Palette Tag post

The Eyeshadow Palette tag was started on YouTube by Samantha March and Allie Glines. Many other creators have done their version of this tag and I thought it would make a cool post. So here we go!

Newest palette

Melt Cosmetics Rust. It’s my first purchase from the brand and I really like the formula in this palette. I’ve found myself gravitating towards these colors lately for work and this color story reminds me of the new ND Bronze palette but deeper. Will probably do a comparison post soon.

Melt Cosmetics Rust


Oldest palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam. When I first started doing eyeshadow, this palette had just been released so there were a bunch off YouTube videos on it. After watching several I decided to take the plunge and learn how to finally do eyeshadow with this palette.

ABH Soft Glam palette_3


Most expensive palette

Pat McGrath’s Mothership VIII Divine Rose II (top) & Mothership IV Decadence (bottom) are tied coming in at $125 each (I purchased for $112.50 each with the 10% discount code). Both palettes are gorgeous in their own right. Decadence is an all shimmer palette that was re-released because it was so popular (and for good reason!). Divine Rose II is a more recent release that is so pretty with mattes, shimmers, and a tri-chrome shade.

Pat McGrath Mothership VIII Divine Rose II, eyeshadow palette


Pat McGrath Mothership IV Decadence, eyeshadow palette


Most affordable palette

Colourpop’s Sol (left) and Ooh La La! (right) both at $12 each. I’m not the biggest fan of most of the drugstore/affordable eyeshadows that I’ve tried but Colourpop’s eyeshadows are pretty good for the price. I would recommend this brand to anyone just starting out with makeup as well as those who may want to experiment with different colors/textures and don’t want to break the bank.

ColourPop Sol, eyeshadow palette Colourpop Ooh La La!, eyeshadow palette



Viseart Neutral Mattes Milieu. This is the one that I reach for when I want to do a no-makeup makeup look, or when I need a transition and/or crease shade when using an all shimmer palette. The colors in here just work for me and I find that Viseart’s awesome matte formula really shines through in this one.

Viseart Neutral Mattes Milieu


Most colorful

Definitely the Viseart Editorial Brights. No matter what primer/base I use, the shades in this palette look as vivid on my eyes as they look in the pan. 

Viseart Editorial Brights



Viseart Theory III Chroma. It has the least amount of shades and it’s the smallest in size. It’s a cute 6-pan, cool-toned palette that can be great for just throwing in your bag if you do your makeup in the car.

Viseart Theory III Chroma



Viseart Grande Pro 3. It contains the most shades in one palette (30) and it’s the biggest in size. I’m not that into the larger palettes anymore, shade or size, so this is the only one of it’s kind in my collection.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 3


Palette with the best memory

Colourpop x Karreuche’s Brown Sugar. It was the first (and last) time I purchased the entire collection on the day that it released. And I loved every item in that collection. Even though some of the shades aren’t performing the same as they were when I first got it, the palette is still one of my faves ever.

Colourpop Brown Sugar - outside

Colourpop Brown Sugar - inside


Palette worth the hype

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina. I picked this palette up a few months after it launched and the hype was definitely real. Every single shade in the palette was created with the intention of multiple skin tones, especially deep/dark, could use it and it rings true. The formula is great, the color stories work beautifully together for those who love the colors, and it can be used day or night.

Quiet as it’s kept, ABH needs to use this formula for the rest of their palettes because it’s truly bomb. Don’t get me wrong, Soft Glam will always be true to my heart but Jackie Aina’s formula is superior.

ABH Jackie Aina, eyeshadow palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills


Palette not worth the hype

Urban Decay Born to Run. I mean she’s cute, but I definitely feel that it was hyped up when it was first released. The formula isn’t the most pigmented for me and the color story is similar to that of Colourpop’s Perception palette. May end up giving this one to a friend soon.

Urban Decay Born to Run, eyeshadow palette


Favorite palette from favorite brand

Viseart’s Neutral Mattes Milieu. The shades in this palette are perfect for me which is why I use it almost every day wither by itself or other palettes. When I come across a new palette that is all shimmers or it doesn’t contain any transition shades, I’m not pressed because I know I can pull out my Neutral Mattes to go with it.

Viseart Neutral Mattes Milieu, eyeshadow palette


Most used

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam. I find myself reaching for this when I don’t feel like thinking of what look to do that day. Plus the rose golds in this palette look AMAZING on the eyes.

ABH Soft Glam, eyeshadow palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills


This was fun and really had me thinking about each eyeshadow palette I own and use. Let me know your thoughts below. If you decide to keep this going and do it on your own blog, be sure to tag me so I can see!

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