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Dupe the Vibe: Huda Beauty Pastel Lilac Obsessions

dupe the vibe lilac

The Dupe the Vibe series is where I recreate the vibe or feel of a palette with shadows I already own. I want others to see that you don’t need to purchase every new item that gets released and how easy it is to dupe some of the shades.

Next in this series we have the Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Lilac palette. Per Sephora’s website this palette “is a seductive series of dusty mauve mattes, lavender shimmers, pops of luxurious fizzy violet, a velvety apricot matte, and a pop of soft coral shimmer.” This one was a bit easier than the Mint Obsessions because I have a lot of these purple tones across several palettes and singles in my collection.

huda beauty lilac
Image source: sephora.com
huda beauty lilac swatches
Image source: sephora.com


Here are the Huda Beauty palette and swatches. All shade names and descriptions listed below are from Sephora.com. I selected the shades as dupes in terms of shade/tone in these pics; not dupes in performance. The swatches on my arm were done over Milani’s eyeshadow primer and applied with a clean finger.



Dupe the Vibe shades with First (ND)
Dupe the Vibe shades with Morgan (ND)


Shade 1 – Grape Matte

My dupe: Dream in Natasha Denona Love palette

Dream is an amethyst cream to powder matte shadow and a bit cooler than the one in Huda’s palette. Will look good as a crease color or all over the lid if I’m going for an all matte look.

Shade 2 – Violet Shimmer

My dupe: Totally Worth It by Sydney Grace (single)

Totally Worth It is such a fitting name. I mean, really. The brand describes it as a metallic lavender purple and looks as it does in the swatch without having to wet the brush first. And yes, it really is that beautiful in person.

Shade 3 – Lavender Shimmer

My dupe: Shade 11 in Viseart Coy palette

I’m new to Viseart’s larger palettes and let me just say that the shimmers are gorgeous. Shade 11 is a lovely lavender shimmer that looks like it matches the one in Huda’s palette exactly. I can’t wait to do a look with this on the inner lid and corner.

Shade 4 – Coral Shimmer

My dupe: Solar in Bad Habit Supernova palette (discontinued)

A couple of years ago I grabbed this palette because it was a dupe for Natasha Denona’s Lila. Solar is more of a peachy-coppery shade and flows nicely with the deeper shades.

Shade 5 – Dusty Rose Matte

My dupe: Pretty Cruel in Colourpop Sweet Nothings palette (discontinued)

Pretty Cruel is a dusty rose pink matte with shimmer but the shimmer is less noticeable the more you blend it out. Also it needs to be built up to get the true pigmentation to show, which I think is because it’s a little old. Nevertheless it’s a good selection for a transition and/or crease shade.

Shade 6 – Peach Violet Swirl

My dupe: Pale Fire in Pat McGrath La Vie En Rose palette (discontinued)

I selected this one because it has peachy-pink vibe to it that looks so good with purple-toned shades. This shade looks nice all over the lid by itself or with a deeper shade on the outer V.

Shade 7 – Lavender Matte

My dupe: Miami in Face Candy Vice palette (discontinued)

A true lilac pastel and I only added it for that reason. Surprisingly it’s not as chalky as it looks and is quite smooth in texture. Remember earlier I mentioned doing an all matte look? This will go in the inner corner.

Shade 8 – Peach Matte

My dupes: First in Natasha Denona Sunrise palette or Morgan in Natasha Denona Sunrise palette

I couldn’t decide which one looked better so I included both. They both looked really good in between the lavender matte and violet matte. First is a peachy beige and Morgan is a peachy pink and a bit deeper. Both shades can be used as an inner corner highlight (or browbone highlight if you’re into that).

Shade 9 – Violet Matte

My dupe: Get Down in Face Candy Vice palette (discontinued)

With my last Dupe the Vibe post I didn’t include a deep shade but wanted to add one here. Get Down works for me as a shade to be placed in the outer V for dimension.



That’s it! Personally I wouldn’t pull every color listed above to do a look. I may only use 3-4 shades at a time so I’m not sitting there with 8 palettes in front of me. This series is really getting my creative juices flowing by forcing me to use colors outside of their prearranged palettes. I probably won’t bother duping the vibe of the Pink Obsessions palette because I wasn’t interested in that color story. Stay tuned to see what I’ll be duping next.

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