Changing It Up

Hey folks!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my little blog for the past few months. I love talking about all things beauty, mostly makeup, and I’m glad I have a space to do that. This year has been full of challenges for myself and many others with a few rewards here and there. I lost a lot of family members this year for various reasons and each passing affected me differently. But the one thing that I got from each of them is a stronger desire to live a life doing what I love and surrounding myself with people and things that bring me joy.

With this reignited desire I had to take a look around me and assess what was going on.

Holding onto a lot of stuff that no longer fit me and no longer made me happy began taking a toll on me on top of everything else going on. I filled a medium-sized Sephora bag with all kinds of makeup and skincare samples I would never use and gave it to a friend.

Clothes that no longer fit properly, anything with stains or holes, and items that I didn’t care for the style anymore all went to Goodwill/Salvation Army, the trash, and family/friends, respectively. Shoes that were run down got thrown in the trash, heels that were uncomfortable were listed on Mercari or taken to Plato’s Closet.

My closet was damn near empty but I felt good.

I began reading on how to get a capsule wardrobe and started applying the same concepts to my makeup. Only buying things I know for a fact that I will wear/use in colors and tones that work the best for my skintone.

Of course this also had a huge effect on my budget as I was no longer buying things just to try. I was less intrigued and tempted by sales of any kind unless it was something that I planned for in advance. This started showing in my blog as I became less focused on what my new monthly products were and more on what products were my favorite throughout the month.

I don’t want to be just another beauty blog that pushes products and showcases the latest releases.

I desire for my blog to be inspiring; for all who read it to see something on here that makes them smile or want to try themselves. So with all that said, going forward this blog will intend to do just that. I’m going to showcase how I select my color palette for clothes, how I decide what makeup to purchase, and what prompts me to try new skincare.

I’m making some design changes so I won’t be posting new content for a while. I won’t delete anything I’ve already created but will probably archive it once the new content goes live.

There will still be makeup reviews and some Dupe the Vibe posts, but they will not be the focus. I hope that you all choose to continue this journey with me as I’m looking forward to this change of pace on the blog and in my life.

Be kind to yourself and others…and wear a mask. See you soon.

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