11 Beauty Products I No Longer Purchase

no longer purchase

1. Mattifying primers – My t-zone can get oily throughout the day. I’ve tried a few primers that were supposed to be mattifying and they either didn’t work or they made my skin so dry that I produced more oil as a result. What I use instead are hydrating primers along with minimal powders, and then maybe I’ll have to blot around lunchtime. Problem solved and money saved!

2. Unconventional lipstick shades – I’m talking blues, greens, bright oranges, and all pastels. One time I bought a lipstick in a lavender shade with the intent to do a color series on this blog. The idea was to do a monochromatic look with the lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow all being the same color on some editorial shit. It was gonna be so dope. After a year of not following through I realized that idea was for my fantasy self. And on that note…

3. Unconventional eye liner shades – I’ve turned into that girl that only uses brown and sometimes black if I’m feeling spicy. I’ll admire graphic liner from afar knowing that it’ll never be me (realistically).

4. Dewy products – No matter how little of the product I use, I always find myself having to blot and sometimes powder throughout the day just to tame the shine. Which of course defeated the purchase of wearing it in the first place. I’m good.

5. Brush sets – I think a lot of brush sets are a waste of money. The exception is if you’re just starting out and need to try different shapes to see what works best for you.

6. Expensive bronzers – Now before anybody tries to remind me the struggle of those with deeper skin, remember whose blog you’re on. I purchased ABH’s Mahogany bronzer and it looks really good on me so I haven’t desired to try a more expensive one. The Black Radiance Contour palettes that include a bronzer as well as the original CoverGirl Ebony bronzer also look beautiful. There is absolutely no need for me to get hype over putting out more money for certain products when I already own some that work well for me.

7. Colored glosses – I’m speaking about any color outside of neutral (purple, green, etc). Realistically I’m not gonna wear it. I know because I bought a mini Pat McGrath set with 3 coloured glosses and have yet to wear them outside of my house. Looking back, I only bought them because they were on sale. Not doing that again.

8. Rainbow eyeshadow palettes – After finding out my color season (Soft Autumn) I realized why some bright colors don’t look that great on my skin and muted colors look better. I won’t give away the ones that I have but I won’t buy anymore.

9. Nail polish – I’m not saying that I won’t ever buy nail polish again but I won’t be doing so any time soon. Despite having colors that I love, I don’t use them enough to justify buying more.

10. Sheet masks – The Neutrogena hydrating face gel masks used to be my thing to do once a week. It felt great and had my skin looking very supple but they’re very wasteful. I now buy hydrating serums and overnight masks and get the same effect.

11. Multiple hair styling products – Now that I am rocking a low cut, I don’t need a ton of this stuff. I went from having a bathroom cabinet full of stuff to having just enough to fill a wooden basket from Target.


Overall I’m being more intentional and realistic with my purchases. Are there any things on this list that you no longer purchase for whatever reason? Share below.

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